Donald Trump Is Now Banning Mexican Avocados From Entering The United States


Build the wall already.

Donald Trump has done a number of crazy and ridiculous things in his first two weeks of being President of the United States, but I think that banning the entrance of Mexican avocados into the country might just be one of the dumbest.

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In an action that is sure to invoke more racist overtones between Trump and Mexico, five trucks containing over 100 tonnes of avocados have been stopped at the Mexican border and forced to return to the state of Jalisco. To make matters even worse, avocados from Jalisco have only recently been allowed to enter the United States after fears that they had been contaminated by a Mediterranean fly were quashed. You work so hard for something and then it’s taken away just like that.

Once these claims were disproved, avocados were allowed to enter Mexico, but this has now been turned on its head and it’s actually down to a dispute over potatoes. Apparently Mexican producers have obtained a court order to stop American potatoes from entering the country amid concerns that they haven’t met some of the laws regarding plant health requirements and infectious diseases, and it’s thought that the avocado banning might be a reaction to this development.


If so, that sounds extremely stupid but probably isn’t really that much different to the kind of trouble that the importing/exporting communities get into every day. It’s just exemplified more now because of the strain in US/Mexico relationships due to Trump’s stupid wall and his renegotiation of the NAFTA. Politics in 2017 huh?

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Anyway, avocados aren’t all they’re cracked up to be are they? Check this article out about how shit they are if you don’t believe us.


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