Donald Trump Once Got Attacked By A Bald Eagle And It’s Hilarious

Donald Trump Bald Eagle

Symbolism at its finest.

Donald Trump sees himself as the saviour of America, whereas the majority of Americans (at least I hope) see him as moronic racist old buffoon. That’s why this video is so symbolically awesome.

It’s from the summer when Trump appeared in a photoshoot for TIME magazine’s 2015 Person Of The Year. In it, they wanted Trump to pose with a bald eagle because you know, it symbolises his dedication to America or some bullshit like that.

Unfortunately though, even the bald eagle couldn’t stand Trump and instead ended up trying to attack him for the majority of the shoot. It’s pretty much perfect – and deeply symbolic of how America and its institutions despite Trump or some bullshit – and could probably only get better if the eagle had actually succeeded in pecking Trump’s eyes out.

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Shut up Trump you moron.

If you need any more evidence of why he completely sucks, check out this video below:


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