Donald Trump Is Still Dissing Arnold Schwarzenegger About Celebrity Apprentice Ratings

Arnie Trump

Go and run the country you idiot.

It was pretty stupid the other week when Donald Trump went on Twitter to diss Arnold Schwarzenegger about the Celebrity Apprentice’s ratings. But you might have forgiven him because he wasn’t technically President Of The United States at that point, so maybe he would stop ranting about trivial things like that when he actually took office.

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Well, if you thought that then you’re an absolute idiot because of course Trump was never going to do that. He was speaking today at the National Prayer Breakfast when he went off on another monologue about how his ratings were awesome and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s time on the show was a complete and utter failure:

That’s just great isn’t it? Is he gonna act like this every week when the ratings come in? Just fucking run the country you goofball and stop caring about ratings for the successor on your stupid little TV show. Honestly, the state of the world in 2017.

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