VIDEO: Jon Hamm (Don Draper) Gets Turned Down Twice On Terrible 90s Dating Show

Jon Hamm 90s Dating Show

I’m sure the fact that Mad Men is back next week has nothing to do with this clip resurfacing, but it’s hilarious regardless.

Who was Jon Hamm before he became one of the most iconic TV characters ever Don Draper? Apparently he was a 25 year old waiter with terrible floppy hair who couldn’t get a date so had to go on a terrible dating show. And still couldn’t get a date. How times change huh?

I’m not a gay guy, but all the girls seem to love Don Draper/Jon Hamm so it seems kind of crazy that he gets passed up twice on this show – first for some ‘kinky’ loser stuntman character and then for a finance major who looks like he should be in One Direction or something. Those girls must feel like real morons right now but to be fair what the hell was Jon Hamm thinking? That hairstyle wasn’t even cool in the 90s, man.

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