Domino’s Is Stockpiling Toppings In The UK In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

Don’t worry – we’ll always have Domino’s. At least for a bit.

Preparations are ramping up in this country for a No-Deal Brexit following new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s declaration that we’ll be leaving the EU come hell or high water on October 31st and it seems like a lot of your favourite food companies are doing everything they can to ensure that this won’t affect your enjoyment of their products too much.

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Domino’s are the latest company to announce their plans for a No-Deal Brexit, stating that they’re stockpiling a whole bunch of toppings so you’ll still be able to enjoy your Two For Tuesdays for at least a few months after we come crashing out of the EU. Domino’s released the following statement on Tuesday:

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A potential no-deal Brexit carries the increased risk of disruption to raw material supplies into the UK and foreign exchange volatility which could increase food costs.

We are spending £7 million on stockpiling ingredients to ensure that No-Deal Brexit doesn’t affect prices.

You might wonder why this is a problem for a company like Domino’s Pizza and it’s because they actually import a lot of their ingredients from the EU. All of the tomato sauce comes from Portugal and tuna, pineapple and chicken all come from within the EU as well.

To be honest it might be kinda cool if they didn’t stockpile pineapple so that we could eliminate Hawaiian pizza once and for all. Then at least something good would finally have come from Brexit. Might actually all be worth it if that happens to be honest.

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