You Can Now Order Domino’s Pizza With Zero Clicks

Zero Clicks

Peak laziness.

In the past fifteen years or so ordering a pizza has become easier and easier.

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First you were able to do it online – which avoided the awkwardness of having to talk to someone – then you got the app on your phone which meant you didn’t even have to have access to a computer to order the damn pizza. Now, with the new zero clicks app, you don’t even have to click any buttons to order – all you do is open up the app and if you don’t close it within ten seconds then the pizza is ordered. Awesome.

In case you can’t follow that concept, here’s a video that helpfully explains it:

Boom. I assume that you do have to do some clicks at some point as you’ll need to input your card details, address and pizza preference but even so, if you’re a regular pizza orderer and usually get the same one, then this is a great innovation. I mean you can be lying in your bed hungover and just lean over and press one button and your cure is on its way to you. Way less stressful than having to type a bunch of crap in and figure out what you want.

I’m most excited about the potential to prank people with this though. Just make sure you know someone who has the app installed and then ask to borrow their phone to call someone because yours is out of battery and bam – order them a pizza. There’s nothing they can do about it as they’ve only got ten seconds to cancel it. In fact if you do it right, there’s probably no way they’ll ever find out until the pizza turns up and you’re all scramming down on it. Perfect.

Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even get one of those pizza delivery robots to deliver it to you.


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