Domino’s Pizza Gave The Best Response To Customer’s Insane Delivery Request

Domino's Pizza

When Domino’s delivers.

A Domino’s Pizza customer made a pretty strange request when ordering from his local branch recently.

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Ford Reynolds from New York decided he wanted the pizza to be delivered in style and so in the ‘Delivery Instructions’ section, he wrote:

Send your baddest bitch plzzzzz

Domino's request

Instead of ignoring the request as someone fucking about, Domino’s genuinely sent their most badass delivery driver. He even posed looking tough whilst holding a 20 dollar bill:

That’s customer service right there. I might try something similar next time, but instead of “baddest bitch” I’ll ask for “fastest driver who loves giving out free Garlic & Herb dips”. It’s worth a try.

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Or perhaps I’ll ask for the delivery guy who doubles up as a drug dealer. Texas BBQ with a side of MDMA please.


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