Domino’s Delivery Man Caught Wiping His Balls With Customer’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream



A Buckinghamshire branch of Domino’s is investigating after one of their delivery drivers was caught on camera rubbing a customer’s food on his nut sack and then handing over the order.

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Jonathan Terry, 31, ordered pizza and birthday cake-flavoured Ben & Jerry’s during a night in with friends, reports the Mirror.

He was watching a movie with pals and digging into the tub of Ben and Jerry’s when a call from his girlfriend stopped him cold in his tracks.

About 20 minutes after we received the delivery we went to get the ice cream out and weirdly I had a call from my girlfriend.

She said ‘I hope you haven’t eaten the ice cream that Domino’s have sent you.’ She then told me to go and look at the Ring doorbell [footage].

Upon reviewing video from the home security camera, Terry was horrified to see the delivery driver had knocked on the door and rubbed the pint of ice cream on his crotch before handing over the goods.

It felt quite disrespectful and very vile. My housemate said he felt violated — he was not happy.

Just look at this scumbag:

After complaining to Domino’s about the incident, Jonathan said he was offered complimentary coupons but refused the gesture, as he never wants to eat Domino’s again.

I said, ‘After what your delivery driver has done I don’t feel safe and don’t want to oblige to ever buy an order from Domino’s again. I want to make sure people are aware of what has happened.

What I need to know after reading this story is – was there a reason why the delivery driver dragged his balls across this man’s birthday cake-flavoured Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? The idea that a delivery guy would do that for no reason whatsoever is terrifying, but if Jonathan or one of his boys had maybe given the man attitude or a crappy tip on previous occassions he’d delivered to them, then maybe that would be a bit reassuring (though still utterly fucked up, obviously). Anyone who has worked delivery have a clue?

Like I said though, even if they were the rudest customers or worst tippers on the planet, you don’t dip your balls in another man’s food. You ask them if there was anything wrong with the service or make some other passive-aggressive sort of comment and then go on your merry way like the bigger man. You don’t violate their food like that and giggle to yourself about them feasting on your pubes as you drive back to Domino’s. That’s just psychotic.

Either way, I’m tipping like a motherfucker from now on.

For the pizza delivery guy who got frozen in time staring at a customer’s butt cheeks, click HERE. Can’t say I blame him TBH.



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