Dominic West And Wife Pose For Bizarre Photoshoot After Photos Of Him Kissing Lily James Went Viral

It’s been a tough week for 50 year old actor Dominic West – probably best known for playing Jimmy McNulty on ‘The Wire’ or Noah Solloway on’The Affair’ – after pictures emerged of him enjoying a weekend away in Rome with 31 year old Lily James and kissing her brazenly without a care in the world.

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Normally that would be fine of course, but the fact is that West has been married to Catherine Fitzgerald for the past ten years and has four kids with her. She was apparently completely blindsided by the pictures and ready to declare the marriage over after she couldn’t even get a hold of West on the phone to talk about them.

However, West skulked back to the family home last night and seems to have talked her around – at least for the time being – as the photographs below seem to imply that everything is back on track for the pair, as they wilfully made out for reporters stationed outside their house this morning and then handed them a note saying the following:

Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together.

It’s important to also note that they both signed that statement as well, which isn’t weird in the slightest, right?

Lol who am I trying to kid, this has to be one of the weirdest public displays from two celebrity partners in quite some time, even regardless of the pandemic that has limited activities such as these over the past six months. Anyone who forces their wife to get off with them for a bunch of photographers and makes her sign a bizarre statement like that is clearly off their rocker, even if the marriage itself is OK (spoiler alert: it isn’t) because it’s just going to raise way more questions and suspicions than it answers.

In fact, this is just going to get their break up even more unwarranted attention that they definitely don’t need if they want to try and patch things up and get over it, as everyone is just going to be waiting for the next weird episode in the story. Would have been way more sensible if they just didn’t do anything publicly at all and certainly not this – now everyone just thinks Dominic West is some manipulative asshole and that’s not going to do him or anyone else involved in this affair any favours.

Lily James had the right idea and hasn’t said anything and probably won’t.  As for the rest of us, I’m sure we’ll gleefully watch the marriage slowly disintegrate over the next few weeks. It’s the only way this is going to go.

Here are those pictures of West with Lily James as well:

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