Dominic Cummings Was Filmed Running Out Of 10 Downing Street After Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

Where’s he going?

Coronavirus got even more peak this morning when it emerged that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tested positive for the damn thing, and it’s become even stupider now after a really weird video of his Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings sheepishly running out of 10 Downing Street has found its way onto Twitter.

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The video was posted by Nicola Keaney from ITN Productions a couple of hours ago:

That really is weird isn’t it? You would think that the obvious connotation from this video was that he had head BoJo’s diagnosis and was making sure he was as far away from him as quickly as possible, but it’s more likely that he had something else super important to do.

Even so the questions remain of just where he was going and why he needed to get there so quickly? I normally imagine these high ranking political types would have their own private cars and drivers waiting for them when they step out of places like 10 Downing Street, so it’s really comical thinking that Cummings is high tailing it to his Volvo or to get the bus or something. Kinda sums the whole situation up right now though, doesn’t it?

For more of the same, at least drug dealers are lowering their prices for Coronavirus. Thank the Lord.


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