Dolly Parton Shocks The World By Charging $230 For An Apple Pie

It comes with a cast iron skillet though.

I’m pretty sure that there aren’t many people out there more universally loved than Dolly Parton, even though I’m not really sure why. Yeah sure she has a few bangers but what else is going on with her that she deserves a whole them park about her and whatever else she has going on?

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Anyway, she might start receiving a few haters today after it emerged that she charged $200 for an apple pie at her DollyLand theme park with a mere slice costing a massive $20 as well. That’s probably before you include sales tax and service and what have you as well.

In fairness the pie is pretty massive, weighing in at 11kg and containing 40-50 apples, apparently serving a family of four fairly adequately. Must be a family of four Americans because I reckon that could fill up about eight people over here.

Even so though, that price seems a bit outrageous. Where else are you gonna pay $200 for a dessert for four or even eight people? $20 a slice seems ridiculous as well.

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OK so some people in the comments did mention that you also get to keep the cast iron skillet if you buy the big pie which will offset the cost of it a little and don’t forget it’s really massive, but even so it’s still crazy to me, especially when Dolly has this reputation of being a woman of the people. Surprised to be honest.

Not that I ever really considered it, but I know I won’t be spending my hard earned 9-5 bucks at Dollywood. Not a way to make a living.

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