Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Girlfriend Was A Bridesmaid At His Wedding To Beth

Come on Dog.

Dog The Bounty Hunter has a history of making absolutely terrible decisions and everything about his latest one to date his son’s ex girlfriend and deceased wife’s friend looks like he’s continuing the trend.

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After his daughter condemned Dog’s decision to hook up with Moon Angell, the story somehow managed to get even worse after it emerged that she was a bridesmaid at Dog’s wedding to Beth back in 2006. Bear in mind that Beth died something like three months ago and it makes Dog and Angell’s decision to start dating even more hurtful and insensitive to everyone involved and everyone looking on at them from the outside.

You can see Moon standing next to Beth in the picture below, kinda indicating that they were pretty good friends, if not the best of friends:

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Geez. The pair could have at least waited for the body to go cold, you know?

It’s also being reported that Moon worked for Beth for many years as her assistant, so there’s no way that this doesn’t look really awful really is there? Kinda like Moon had been waiting around for years to get her claws into Dog and has now pounced when he’s at his most vulnerable.

This of course has all been blown up even further by the fact that Dog appeared to propose to Moon on an episode of Dr Oz that will be shown next week. What a mess.


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