Here Are Some Pictures Of Dogs In Spacesuits

Dog Space Suits 5

So before humans went into space the Russians sent a bunch of dogs up to check it was OK. And they made them wear really weird looking spacesuits.

I kinda remember from when I was a kid and I was learning about space travel/exploration that before Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong blasted into space and before Felix Baumgartner did his epic space jump that the Russians (and maybe the Americans) were sending dogs into space to check it out before they sent humans, which makes sense (unless you’re a vegan/animal rights maniac) because it seems like scientists test everything on animals before they take the plunge with humans. Apparently the Russians sent 29 dogs into space before they mustered up the courage to send Yuri Gagarin up there, and this enabled them to collate really important information about how the spaceships operated in orbit, during its launch and landing. Ten of the dogs died but their contribution to Russian space travel has been deemed invaluable.

But yeah, even though I vaguely remember that and now I know that it actually did happen,  I still never thought that these dogs would have special spacesuits, and if they did I probably figured they would just look like normal spacemen in normal suits, not like some creepy Nine Inch Nails/Event Horizon kinda shit. Get a load of these completely freaky dog spacesuits.

Dog Space Suits 1

This is one of the first Russian dog’s spacesuits and I guess it looks kind of like how you would imagine an old school spacesuit to look like aside from the fact it looks completely weird and alien. But then again it is Russian so you know that means pretty much exactly the same thing.

Laika the Space Dog

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