This Dog Is So Smart It Pretends To Be A Stray To Get Free Burgers From McDonald’s



Say what you want about man’s best friend, you can’t exactly deny that they’re pretty smart when they want to be and this story perfectly illustrates this.

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Princess belongs to Betsy Reyes in Oklahoma City and has a fool proof scheme to get burgers from McDonald’s – what we all wouldn’t do for one of those eh? Princess has figured out that if she sneaks out of Betsy’s house at night and wanders over to the nearby McDonald’s and makes puppy dog eyes at all the customers, they think that she’s a stray and will give her loads of free burgers. Absolutely sick work from her.

Unfortunately for Princess, Betsy is onto her like that pesky old headmaster from your high school. She posted the following message on Facebook and then filmed her in action to tell people to stop giving her dog burgers and fattening her up:

If you see my dog @ the McDonald’s on shields, quit feeding her fat ass bc she don’t know how to act & be leaving the…

Posted by Betsy Reyes on Sunday, 21 October 2018

Posted by Betsy Reyes on Sunday, 21 October 2018

Posted by Betsy Reyes on Sunday, 21 October 2018

I mean yeah, Princess did get well and truly busted there but do you think this is going to do anything at all to stop her behaviour? Or stop the people that are giving her burgers all the time giving her burgers? One little pout and one little look and it’s all over basically – you’re handing that Big Mac you just bought over and you’re feeling great about it. The world has got no chance.

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