Nuisance Dog Owner Killed Post Woman For Not Bringing Him Trump Stimulus Cheque

Literally shot the messenger.

A 21-year-old has shot dead a post woman for failing to bring him his coronavirus stimulus cheque (or ‘check’ if you’re American), after mail carriers stopped visiting his home because of his out-of-control dog.

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Tony Cushingberry killed Angela Summers, 45, in Indianapolis while expecting a government payment of $1,200 designed to help Americans pay bills during the ongoing pandemic.

According to Metro, the National Association of Letter Carriers union had received a curtailment of mail notice – meaning the US Postal Service would no longer deliver to Cushingberry’s address – after he ignored messages from his victim asking him to deal with a ‘small pet dog’ that had attacked her.

Two days before she was killed, Summers had put up a Facebook status saying she had a stimulus cheque for someone living at Cushingberry’s address, but because she was worried about his dog she couldn’t deliver it.

Her boss Paul Toms said:

The mail had been curtailed from what I was told very recently. On April 12 or 13, the curtailment of mail letter was sent to them. Yes, there was a history on this for quite a while, as I understand it.

Dog letters had been sent. That’s a form to the patron when a dog is a nuisance or a danger or vicious. Three dog letters, one to warn them, a second one a second warning, and then a curtailment of mail. That’s what they had proceeded to there.

Cushingberry waited for Summers to walk past his address in the days that followed, and then stepped outside and shot her to death. He’s now facing a murder charge, although he told police that he only meant to ‘scare’ his victim, not kill her.

Poor postie, just doing her job. Obviously people are frustrated and struggling as they await their stimulus cheques but to literally shoot the messenger over it? All this idiot had to do was take care of his dog and he would have got his $1,200 no problem.

From the way it’s being reported it sounds like Summers actually posted this guy’s address on Facebook, so I’m not sure if there are any other details of this feud that we’re not aware of, but no way would she or anyone have ever expected this maniac to murder her. America breeds some strange animals indeed… and I don’t mean the dog.

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