Dog Owners Are Pretending To Faint To See If Their Dogs Give A Crap About Them

These people just found out how their dogs REALLY feel about them.

I wonder about my dog sometimes. Just gives the impression that the only reason he ever shows me any love is because he knows a tasty treat is always imminent. I’m pretty sure if he had to choose between saving my life and eating a treat he would go for the treat every time.

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Well dog owners in Japan decided to put their dogs to the test by filming themselves pretending to faint while walking their pets to see how they react.

They ended up with some amusing footage and also the confirmation that what they feared was true — your dog does not give one solitary shit about you.

Here are some damning examples:

This one properly leaves his owner in the dust:

This guy seems in two minds about making a run for it:

This one shows some kind of loyalty at least (probably because he’s old):

I guesss as long as none of them started humping their owners’ limp bodies or pissing on their faces it’s not all bad news.

Though that’s probably what they’d do in Taiwan considering what they do to their pet dogs over there.


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