Dog Owner Kills The Man Who Allegedly Poisoned His Pet

Owner Slams Dog Thief Dead Through Wall With Car

He ran him off the road with a truck.

It’s fair to say that any one of us would react violently and badly if our pet was injured or killed by someone else, but I’m not sure if our response would be as extreme as one man in the Chinese city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province.

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The unnamed man found his dog paralysed on the ground after it had been hit with a dart gun by another man. Apparently this man had tagged at least six other dogs with his poison darts as he attempted to capture dogs for trade in the Chinese dog meat trade.

Upon finding his dog in this state, the man jumped into his car and chased the alleged poisoner on his scooter through the streets, eventually slamming him into a wall and ending his life. As you can see by the pictures below, it wasn’t a pretty sight:

Owner Slams Dog Thief Dead Through Wall With Car

Ouch. the family of the pet owner are saying that it wasn’t his intention to ram into the dog poisoner, saying that he ‘got the pedals confused in his rage’. Not sure if that’s correct as it seems kind of implausible, but I suppose that’s their story and they’re sticking with it. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t blame him for his actions though.

The guy is being charged with manslaughter. No word on how he’ll plead yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out. Considering how people treat dogs over in China though, I can’t expect here will be that much sympathy for him. Sad.


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