Dog Goes Viral After Chewing Through A Letter Box And Poking Head Through Door

Only in Scotland.

I reckon that most of the dogs in this country are fairly well behaved and that most of the front doors do the job that they’re designed to do too, but the perfect combination of the two has met up in Fife, Scotland and ended up going viral.

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The following video was posted on Facebook by Marc King, which quite clearly shows a dog chewing through the letterbox and into the rest of the front door of its owner’s house. It pretty much looks like a canine version of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Here’s Johnny!

Lol you would swear that that was photoshopped if you didn’t see the video of it live in action right? No idea what this dog is eating – or maybe not eating if it’s so hungry that it’s eating the door/letterbox – but you’ve gotta question what the door was made out of or how old it was that the dog was literally able to chew through it.

Surprised that Marc King didn’t go knock on the door and look to see that everything was OK really. Might need to call out the cops and get them to perform a wellness check on whoever lives there. They could have been dead for weeks which is why the dog has been forced to try and chew its way out through the door!

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