Dog Given New Identity And Put Into Witness Protection After Academic Had Sex With It

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What the hell is it with so many people having sex with dogs these days? Seems like we feature a story on it every other week now.

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Anyway, today we’re hearing the story of 51 year old Joseph Alan Hattey – a physicist from Michigan State University – who allegedly sodomized a dog called Flash that belonged to the university. Hattey is accused of penetrating the dog with both his finger and his penis during January and March this year.

The case is scheduled to take place on June 14th, but until then Flash has been rehomed and rehoused under a different identity, effectively putting him in doggy witness protection. John Dinon, from the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter explains:

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(The dog is) in a great home, with a great family…he’s basically in witness protection.

(Bestiality is) something that happens behind closed doors, and can be tough to discern.

He may be used as evidence in the trial and that’s why we can’t tell you anything more about the situation.

I mean it’s fair enough really – why shouldn’t a dog get a new identity after going through a traumatic experience like that? Everyone at the university would be feeling sorry for him and treating him differently because they would know what had happened to him and this way he gets a fresh start to try and get over those terrible memories by himself. Every dog/animal should deserve such a chance, whilst hopefully Hattey will go to jail for 15 years – the maximum sentence – for his crime.

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