Dog With Deformed Front Legs Gets To Run For The First Time Thanks To 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby The Dog 3D Printed Legs

Another example of how 3D printing is going to revolutionise our lives – and the lives of our pets.

Derby the dog was born with deformed front legs that meant that he couldn’t run at all and could barely stand up. In this video though, his adopted owner Tara Anderson – who just so happens to work for a 3D printing company – explains how she saw this problem and set about trying to solve it through her company.

Much to Derby’s delight, the 3D printing of new front legs for him was a success and he can now enjoy life like many other dogs, running about 2 miles a day. It’s just another example of how 3D printing is going to benefit our lives – and the lives of our animals – over the coming years as the technology becomes more and more widespread, like these people using 3D printers to give each other tattoos.

However, even though this is awesome, the fact is that some dogs with only two legs can still run on the beach without them, and that’s probably more inspiring in an entirely different way than seeing one with robot legs sprinting around.


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