Watch This Dog Completely Lose It When Her Favourite Toy Comes To Life


This is why dogs are the best.

I challenge you to not smile when you watch this video. The footage, which pretty much sums up why dogs are the best, shows Jolene the dog completely lose her shit when her owner comes in dressed as her favourite chew toy.

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Jolene’s owner Emily Crisp from Modesto uploaded the video showing her boyfriend walk into the room in a human-sized Gumby suit. At first the golden retriever looks a little confused, but once she realises what’s going on she is all over him. It’s too much:

Did you see the pure joy and excitement as soon as she recognises it’s her owner dressed as Gumby? I love how she was already chewing on the small-sized Gumby when he walked through dressed as the IRL one.

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