Doctors Are Urging The UK To Go Vegan To Avoid Future Pandemics

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We’re not even out of this stage of lockdown yet, but apparently the conversation is already turning to how we can avoid future pandemics and apparently some doctors are recommending that veganism is one course of action. Wonder how that’s going to go down with the majority of the UK population?

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The idea comes courtesy of the organisation Plant Based Health Professionals whose founder Dr Shireen Kassam – a Consultant Haematologist at King’s College Hospital – said the following to

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The last 100 years has shown that pandemics will continue unless we change the way we eat and how our food is produced.

Disease is spread predominantly through confinement, we don’t have the land capacity to feed the 8 billion people on this planet free range.

We are in this race to find an antiviral, but other than HIV, there are very few viruses where there are very effective drugs available.

[A vaccine] isn’t just going to save our problems, there is a risk of a mutation that could come back in a few years.

We need to learn from our mistakes.

We need to change our land use to grow beans and legumes, we need a system change.

As a nation, we need to reduce meat intake by 50% while at the same time increase the consumption of plant based foods by 100% to improve our health and to mitigate the effects of our diet on climate change.

It’s become ingrained in our culture that we need meat to be at the centre of our meals, we need to re-evaluate that. If you have meat on your plate, it’s a choice you are making for the palette, not the nutrients. It should be seen as a condiment, not the main part.

I mean, this might be right but it’s also coming across like militant vegans usually do in the ‘we’re right, you’re wrong and you better believe it’ righteous jams kinda way. I doubt anyone is seriously going to listen to it, or that anything is going to come of it, but there has been a definite shift towards veganism in this country in recent years so it will probably come around eventually. Talking over a hundred years though and who knows how many pandemics there will have been by then?

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