Doctor Who Theme On Eight Floppy Disc Drives

What’s cooler than the Dr. Who theme music? The Dr. Who theme music being played on eight floppy disk drives.

When I was really young, like under 10, I used to be really into Dr Who. It used to be on really late at night on UK GOLD (anyone remember that channel? It just used to show old UK TV shows. Blake’s 7 was another favourite) and I used to get my dad to tape it for me and then get up real early to watch it before I went to school. I must have seen a hell of a lot of Dr Who episodes from the pre-reboot era, I was tempted to say nearly all of them but I remembered that some of them were actually MISSING and nobody had ever seen them except people who were alive when they had aired. Like there are only a few seconds of the episode featuring the first regneration ever from William Hartnell into Patrick Troughton in existence. Or at least there used to be, they might have found them now. I kind of lost interest in Dr Who when I hit puberty.

But yeah, the best thing about Dr. Who undoubtedly wasn’t the hot companions like Ace and Sarah Jane Watson – remember I didn’t have any pubes at this point –  but the excellent theme music. What an iconic tune huh? WAH WAH, WAH WAH WAH, WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH etc etc and I used to love the way they used to remix it every season/doctor and it would be slightly more updated but still just as cool and perhaps EVEN better than the previous version. I think I remember liking Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor Who Music the best because it was really 80’s and synthy and electronic. Yeah man. It was cool.

But yeah, this video is even cooler. It’s eight floppy disk drives playing the Dr Who theme. You might think that that sounds like it sucks, but the stupid noises floppy disk drives make perfectly compliment the noises that should be made in the Dr Who theme. You could probably even argue that if you slowed it down the Dr Who theme could be seen as an early precursor to dubstep. Anyway, this rules and definitely sounds like dubstep (or at least Skrillex) and you could probably drop it at a rave when everyone was on ketamine and everyone would love it. It makes my mind hurt to think how it was created so I’m not even gonna try and explain it. Just check out the video:

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