Doctor Caught Rubbing His Balls On Sleeping Patient’s Face (VIDEO)

I’m never going to the doctor again.

A surgeon who was caught on camera tea-bagging a sleeping patient and rubbing his balls all over his face is NOT facing charges, for some bizarre reason.

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The doctor over at the Peruvian American Clinic in Trujillo, Peru isn’t even facing action from his bosses, despite the incriminating footage.

Hospital bosses have apologised but failed to take disciplinary action or even report him to police:

We as an institution also extend our apologies and promise that it will not happen again.

As if going to the doctors wasn’t scary enough already, we now have to worry about getting a face-full of ball sack when we’re under anaesthetic as well. The scariest part is this doctor is continuing to practise and it’s not known whether the victim is even aware that he had this guy’s balls bouncing on his face while he was asleep. Crazy to think that you grow up trusting doctors 100% just as you would policemen, but then you grow up and realise they’re only human and they too can do fucked up things from time to time. Very unfortunate that one of those things is rubbing their balls on patients’ faces.

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