Doctor Caught On Camera Having Clumsy Sex In His Own Surgery (NSFW)

Doctor sex own surgery

That can’t be sanitary.

A doctor was left red-faced recently after he got caught out on camera having sex in his own surgery. What happened to hygiene standards guys?

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The pair were filmed over in Yucatan, Mexico, through the surgery window by a passerby. And I’ve got to say, the sex looks pretty fucking awkward. I personally have never tried to do it on a hospital bed, but I can’t imagine that it’s the best environment to be fucking in.

Some people online are speculating that the woman is actually his patient but it’s pretty clear to see that she’s got some kind of nurse’s uniform on. Looks like these two managed to act out the ultimate doctor/nurse fantasy. In reality, it ain’t all that sexy.

Love that guy cracking up at the end – he sounds stoked, and who wouldn’t be? He’s just stumbled on the ultimate viral video. I’d be laughing too.

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