Doctor Says She Can’t Find Work After Competing In ‘Miss Bum Bum Competition’

Well that’s just outrageous.

It looks like workplace discrimination is still alive and well in 2020, after a Brazilian doctor who competed in Miss BumBum World confessed she can’t find a job after competing in the big booty competition.

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26-year-old medic Rayane Laura Souza has been unable to find work in a hospital since her entry into the beauty pageant, which she was a favourite to win but ended up losing out to champion Suzy Cortez (the psycho we once wrote about who is obsessed with Lionel Messi).

Rayane had to temporarily leave her job as a doctor in order to compete in the pageant, and opened up to the Daily Star about how difficult she’s finding it to return to her medical career:

The fact of being a woman and beautiful always has prejudice.

I love to show my sensuality on my social network, but that does not mean that I am not a great professional inside the hospital.

There will always be prejudice, I can be a good doctor and be sensual, I see no problem with that.

Taking a leave of absence from your job as a doctor to compete in a competition over who has the best butt? Quite the power move. I don’t know if she was given any indication that her bosses disapproved or whether it would be a problem for her to re-enter the world of medicine afterwards, but she does seem surprised at being shut out.

It’s possible that one of her superiors is a gross middle-aged woman who has always hated her guts and was just looking for any reason to crack down on Rayane and get rid of her. If that’s the case – she gave her a pretty good reason, unfortunately.

Oh well, there’s always OnlyFans. I have a feeling she’d do pretty well on there…

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