Doc Antle From Tiger King Sleeps With An AK-47 Because He Gets 50 Death Threats A Day

Imagine how many Carole Baskin’s getting?

Tiger King star Doc Antle has started sleeping with an AK-47 after receiving up to 50 death threats every day.

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The 60-year-old zookeeper, who also walks around with a ‘pistol in his pocket and another in his glove box’ is worried that animal rights activists will kill him following the success of Tiger King. He told the Mirror:

My life is threatened every day, one to 50 times. People say they want to kill me, they are going to kill me, they’re going to get me. I don’t know where the next crazy person is going to go.

Guess who he blames for it? That’s right – Carole fuckin’ Baskin:

The salacious insanity she’s written, all of the stuff she said that I’m this evil dude. People think that there’s something there.

Poor Doc Antle. He should probably take some of the blame though. For 30 years or however long he’d been working with big cats, he never had any death threats. But one day he decided to invite Netflix into his home and suddenly he’s getting 50 death threats a day. I wonder why? Probably because animal rights activists don’t really like the sound of someone running a weird cult in South Carolina where they also keep tons of wild animals and endangered species locked in cages. Yeah, that’s probably something to do with it.

What’s really crazy to think about is that if Doc Antle is getting 50 death threats a day, then just imagine how many Carole Baskin is getting? Especially during lockdown when the type of people who send death threats have all the time in the world to do it.

Oh well, good luck to both of them. And if you haven’t checked out Carole Baskin’s new video series where she reveals her side of the story, you can do by clicking HERE.


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