DMX Opens Up About Start Of His Crack Addiction, Being Given A Laced Blunt By His Mentor At 14 (VIDEO)

He was tricked into smoking a crack-laced blunt at 14.

It’s been a while since we checked in on DMX, and the good news is he seems to have come a long way from overdosing in car parks and robbing his own fans at gun-point. In fact he seems to have done a lot of introspection and maybe received some professional help as he opened up to Uproxx about the importance of getting clean and talking about your problems.

It led to a heartbreaking story about the first time 14-year-old DMX smoked crack – when his mentor laced a blunt and made him smoke it:

(Clip should start at 2:20)

Man that was difficult to watch. Imagine being tricked into smoking crack at 14 by someone you trust and look up to, especially when you’re already a vulnerable and impressionable hood rat as it is. You can really feel the emotion and rawness he still feels about it when he tells the story. Crazy to think how that addiction stayed with him all those years while he was releasing some unbelievable bangers.

Definitely one of the realest and most genuine rappers in the history of the game. Good to see he’s looking fatter in the face and beat the addiction before it beat him.

Never forget – DMX singing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Classic stuff:

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