Watch These EDM DJs Put The Drop Buildup On Loop Before Leaving The Club

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Everybody knows that the best part of any EDM tune is after the buildup when it drops and everyone starts going crazy throwing out shapes or whatever the hell you do when you’re buzzing on pills. It’s a feeling like no other.

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So that’s why it’s become a trend for EDM DJs to deprive the crowd of the drop and just troll them by following the buildup with some classical music or something.

Or you could do what Mashd N Kutcher did, and put on a loop of the buildup before full on exiting the club, leaving the crowd in a state of complete disbelief:

OK, to be fair it probably didn’t go down exactly like that – I’m sure someone eventually came on and put the crowd out of their misery. But it’s still pretty funny how they just full on leave the stage and go get in a taxi. That crowd got left in full on musical purgatory. While we’re on the topic, check out this top gurner in the crowd:


Classic. For more DJs, check out this guy’s outrageous requirements for female DJs. It’s supposed to be 2017.


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