This DJ’s Outrageous Requirements For Female DJs Is Everything That’s Wrong With The Music Industry Today

Female DJs

I can’t actually believe that this guy posted this.

Just before we kick this off, this article refers to some guy called DJ Justin James who isn’t the Canadian techno DJ of the same name. OK, here we go.

I imagine that being a female DJ is pretty difficult for most girls choosing to pursue this career choice due to the fact that most guys in that industry are probably misogynistic dickheads, but a post by a guy calling himself DJ Justin James in a Facebook group designed specifically as as support community for women in this position has absolutely confirmed my suspicions. Take a look at it:

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Justin James

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The last line got cut off because Justin James had to delete the post because of the backlash it received, but for the sake of completeness it read:

I do not work with DJs that do not know what they are doing. If you do not meet the requirements, then please please do not waste my time or yours. I look forward to hearing from a few of you 🙂

OK, playing Devil’s Advocate here, there are a number of legit things about that advert. Whether you’re a male or female DJ you probably need to have a good social media following, and you should have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). James has been criticised for not asking for any mixes, but these should be included in the EPK so you can kind of let him off for not mentioning music/talent as a requirement, other than not sucking of course.

Well maybe you could if the next requirements weren’t a specific height, weight and age range of the DJ and then a disclaimer that anyone selected must be ‘attractive’. I hope I don’t need to explain to everyone reading what is fundamentally wrong about someone making those demands, and that goes for any industry. Especially in regards to a term as vague and stereotypical as “attractive”.

Basically none of these factors have anything to do with the talent of an artist, which only makes Justin James looks like he wants to hire some bimbo to stand behind the decks for all the bros in his club to gawk at whilst they drop pills and boogie. Kinda like Paris Hilton’s DJ career in that respect then.

He doesn’t aid his already suspicious reputation when he states he doesn’t want to deal with booking agents or managers, which aren’t exactly the signs of a legit promoter as these are the channels you would normally go through when booking a DJ. James then ruins it even more with his reply to a private message calling him out on his original comments:

Justin James 2

Well, yeah speaks for itself really. I wish I could say that this guy was the exception to the rule within the music and DJ industry, but the likelihood is that he probably isn’t and it fucking blows and there isn’t much we can do about it except actively support female DJs based on talent and not looks. Next time you get a chance, make sure you go and check one out.

It’ll almost certainly be better than a Paris Hilton DJ set, which sounds like the kind of bimbo that Justin James is looking to book.


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