DJ Accidentally Shoots Herself In The Face With Confetti Cannon


Brazilian DJ Flavia Ribeiro AKA DJ Flavinha was left needing hospital treatment after blasting herself in the face with a confetti cannon during a gig in Santa Catarina, Brazil, this week. Not a pleasant sight:

Not quite sure what went wrong there because it actually looks like she was holding it the correct way – maybe a product defect? Either way, it could’ve been a lot worse. Flavia ended up with bandages to her neck and some lacerations to her face, but thankfully her eye balls and the rest of her remained intact, and she wasn’t breathing out confetti like a dragon for days after either (although that would’ve been kinda cool):

Flavia says:

“My video is rolling everywhere. There was an accident.

I ran behind the sound equipment and kept playing even with a lot of blood dripping, with a lot of pain.

I threw my hair forward and I stayed there. People on my team wanted to take me out, and I didn’t want to leave.”

Amazingly, she kept on DJing but 20 minutes later accepted defeat and went to hospital:

“I left the stage, went to the emergency room of the event and then to the hospital. Now I’m recovering and it’s all right.”

Well that’s good to hear. No doubt she’ll be back up on stage in no time. Go Flavinha Go!

DJ Flavinha, real-name Flavia Ribiero, addressed the embarrassing misfire on Instagram, telling her fans she is 'recovering and it's all right'

The artist told her thousands of Instagram followers she is 'recovering' after making the embarrassing blunder

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