Divorced Man Spends £250,000 Creating The ‘Ultimate’ Bachelor Pad

Divorcee Tackie House

The height of bad taste.

Getting divorced is probably going to be the most traumatic experience of anyone’s life and everyone is going to deal with it in their own way. Some do it better than others, with builder Stephen Jennings perhaps demonstrating how not to handle it.

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Stephen has spent £250,000 on converting his terraced house into the ‘ultimate’ bachelor pad and to say it resembles the height of bad taste might be an understatement. The house is covered in zebra print, and includes seven TVs, a granite effect ceiling, UV lights and a built in spa.

Stephen has spent the last 20 years ‘renovating’ the house to these specific requirements, but he’s unfortunately now set to leave it following his divorce (wonder if these renovations had anything to do with that?) as it’s too big for him. He doesn’t intend to take anything with him, so everything could be yours for the all inclusive price of £180,000. Interested?

Take a look around, and then hear what Stephen had to say about it all:

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I built this house to die in. The front door is extra wide to carry my coffin out.

It was alright when I was married. It is too big now, it is only me and the two cats so now I am down-sizing.

I will hopefully get a nice retirement pad. But I will work until I die because that is who I am.

I am a workaholic, all I wanted to do was learn a trade and go out to work. I don’t want to go on nights out or chase girls.

I’ve worked on the house for 20 years and spent 250,000, so will be said to see it go but hopefully whoever moves in will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

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Yeah I mean possibly there could be someone out there who would enjoy living in an environment like this for the rest of their life other than Stephen? Possibly?

But anyway, good on the guy for spending so much time doing something he clearly loves, although even if you did chase girls I’m not sure if they would be too impressed when you bought them back. Keep focusing on what you enjoy in your retirement Stephen, even if it horrifies pretty much everyone else. Best of luck and hope you manage to sell it.

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