Disturbing New Footage Of The Charlie Hebdo Attack Shows A Gun Fight With The Police

The footage shows a car chase through the narrow Paris streets.

A new video has emerged of the two brothers who committed the Charlie Hebdo attack making their escape in a getaway vehicle and coming face to face with a police car which they then engage in a shootout with.

The video begins with the two brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi reloading their weapons in ski masks and shouting ‘We have avenged the Prophet Muhammed’ before getting back in the car and driving down a narrow street. A police car blocks them off and the two get out of the car and start firing at them, causing the car to reverse out of there. The footage then cuts out.

Disturbing and not the kind of thing I think any of us would ever have seen real life footage of before. If you missed it, make sure you check out the powerful reactions to the shootings from cartoonists around the world.


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