Disturbing Footage Leaked From China Shows Pig With Human Face And Penis On Forehead

Mutant pig

Made in China.

The messed up footage below has been doing the rounds, showing a mutant pig that was born in China. The poor little thing appears to have a human face and a penis on its forehead.

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The piglet is being held up as it yawns and gasps for breath, while the guys in the clip laugh at it like a modern day freak show. The cruel, cruel bastards.

What’s actually going on there? The setting doesn’t even look like an industrial farm – that pig just came out completely messed up up all on its own. I wonder if it’s possible for human to be born with a penis on their head too? A real-life dick head. That would be one for the books.

To see the piglet that came out with a pair of testicles for eyes, click HERE.


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