Disturbing CCTV Footage Shows Rottweiler Savaging Young Boy


Absolutely horrific.

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing a Rottweiler savagely attacking a three-year-old boy in his own garden.

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It’s harrowing watch, as the dog is so much bigger than the kid. The boy, Marco Labbert, can be seen playing in the garden at his home in Hennenmann, South Africa. As he gestures to the dog, it flips and leaps on the boy, repeatedly biting his head:

Don’t you think that the maid’s reaction is pretty weird? She almost looks like she’s telling the boy off as he stumbles around all bloodied and hurt. Clearly she’s a fan of the tough love approach. Marco was soon rushed to hospital and treated for the injuries to his hand and head. Poor little thing.

But wait, because this story gets even more brutal. The father, Francois, immediately shot the dog following the attack. He was criticised for doing this rather than handing the animal over to a welfare organisation, to which he replied:

It wasn’t out of anger or revenge, but to protect the other people on my property. Nobody knows if the Rottweiler would have attacked someone again.

When a dog has attacked someone the chances are good that he will do it again.

Yeah, hence why you contact the RSPCA or whatever the South African equivalent is. Don’t just bust a cap in your pet’s head, Jesus. On the plus side, the kid has apparently made a full recovery, so I guess that’s something.

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