Disgusting Tenant Fills 5000 Beer Cans With Urine After Toilet Breaks

Not sure what’s going on this week as we already featured a house with a tenant who had left 8000 beer cans and continued to shit in the toilet even after it was broken and now we’ve got another contender for worst ever tenant with this story about a guy who filled 5000 beer cans with urine after his toilet broke.

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The situation at the house in Hebburn, South Tyneside was so dire that a specific removal firm had to be called in to clear the building of the urine filled cans and also clean up the area behind the TV and some of the drawers which also been pissed all over. Naturally because the house was literally covered in piss it also stank to high heaven as well.

Gold Stars Haulage Removals Director Johnathon Caisley said the following about it:

We got a briefing of what was there, but it was nothing like what we expected.

All the beer cans were filled with urine.

The tenant broke his toilet for God knows how long and filled every can in the house.

It was the smell, it was disgusting. I reckon there was well over 5000 cans filled.

I’ve got no idea where he pooped. I don’t know what he was doing for that, not that I want to know either to be honest.

Charming, although that is a pretty good question – if he couldn’t be bothered to piss outside of the house then you would think he would probably just shit in a box or something. Doesn’t really sound like something that he would have any qualms about considering his whole flat stank of piss and was covered in it. What a mystery.

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