Disarm – A Mechanized Orchestra Of Instruments Built From Weapons

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Artist Pedro Reyes got a bunch of rifles, pistols and shotguns that had been seized by the Mexican army and somehow managed to turn them into workable musical instruments.

Over the past few years, artist Pedro Reyes has attempted to transform weapons into musical instruments and Disarm is the latest step in this initiative as Pedro built an entire orchestra (admittedly featuring only 8 instruments but still) from decommissioned weapons over in Mexico City with the help of several other musicians and a media studio called Cocolab.

The team contacted the Mexican army and arranged to receive a variety of rifles, pistols and shotguns that had been seized from Mexican drug cartels and set about turning them into musical instruments. I don’t really understand how they did this but I read that they’re controlled by computers – not actual human hands – and they’re usually pre programmed when they actually have to play music. You can check them out in action in the video below and then look at all these pictures as well if you want to take a closer look at them.

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