‘Dinky One’ Is A New Dating App For Men With Small Penises & Women Who Prefer Them



There are niche dating sites for pretty much everything these days – so why not a dating site for men with small penises and the women who are into that (yes, apparently they exist).

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The site was founded by David Minns, who hopes to combat pressure by the media and porn industries to confirm to certain ideals – in this case, a big penis. I don’t know that calling the app ‘Dinky One’ is gonna help but there’s no use getting hung up on that because the site already has 30,000 members and 27% of them are women seeking small willies.

You have to be smaller than the world average of 5.5 inches erect to sign up – here’s a more thorough breakdown via the Dinky One site:

If you think you have a smaller than average penis there’s no need to be embarrassed. At dinkyone.com every man has a below average penis size. This means anyone you date will be fully aware and you can avoid unnecessary pressure or anxiety. Our site is totally free to join and is open to males, females and transgender people of any sexuality.

What is average penis size?

The global average erect penis length about 5.5 inches (14 cm). If your penis is less than this you are eligible to join us. Remember that 50% of the male population will have a penis less than average size. That’s 50% of the men in your university, the office, a night club, the train. You are certainly not alone and 100% of the men on this site are less than average. Also remember, men often like to exaggerate. If you hear someone saying they are 7 inches it generally means 6 or 6.5 at best.


Some men have a micropenis, this is defined by an erect size less than 3½ inches (9 cm). If you fall into this group and have struggled with sexual partners in the past you need to try Dinky One!

Who likes a smaller penis?

Just as there are men that are smaller than average, there are women who are also smaller than average. They can often find sexual intercourse painful. There are also women who have a fetish interest in small guys, often they play a dominant role.

Anonymous profiles and accounts

If you don’t want people to know you joined us today then be anonymous. The only personal information required to join is an email address and pictures are optional. You can also opt-out of email alerts from our privacy menu. If you don’t like us or find a partner you can delete you account with 1 click and all data is erased instantly.

So there you have it. When they told you that it’s “not about the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean”, who knew that there were actually women out there who legitimately agreed with that statement? Of course it must suck to be judged on your penis size especially as it’s something you can’t change about yourself, not without extremely painful/risky surgery anyway. But you don’t even need to worry about that anymore – just download Dinky One and find yourself a girl who loves a tiny penis.

For the science behind why you have a small penis, click HERE. It’s not (all) your fault.



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