Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why You Have A Small Penis


There is hope.

A major breakthrough is being reported over in China as a team of scientists believe that they have isolated the four genes that determine the length and width of male genitalia.

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The team was led by Professor Wu Chen Lao who had this to say about the results that were published in Chinese Science Magazine last week. The team took DNA samples from 6630 volunteers as well as pictures and measurements of their members.

Here’s what Lao had to say about the results:


We have been able to determine that these four genes play a key role in determining the size of the penis.

Of course, there are many other factors at play here as well, including hormonal exposure, age and weight.

The fatter you are in childhood, the smaller it will be at adulthood, but its final size will be mostly based on your genes.

Professor Wu also says that he hopes that his discovery will lead to more efficient treatments for a problem that he says is ‘very serious’ over in China and South East Asia. He also believes that it will help future generations to not have small penises as their genes can be altered to ensure this.

Whilst I’m sure that at least a few people reading this would be happy if this was 100% true, I’m not sure if it is as it doesn’t seem to have been reported in many publications over here and it does sound a little too stupid, even for Sick Chirpse. There also doesn’t seem to be a publication called ‘Chinese Science Magazine’ after Googling it, but I suppose it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that it just doesn’t have an English language website.

You never know, I suppose we’ll see though. In any case, it’ll probably be too late for it to affect anyone reading this, but hopefully your children won’t have the same problem you did.

If you want to feel better about penis size though, check out the official average penis size worldwide.


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