A Diner Spiked His Own Food With Pubic Hair To Try And Get A Free Meal (VIDEO)


I don’t think I’ve ever really considered that there might be a subculture of people out there who go around spiking their own meals and drinks at restaurants with rank ingredients in order to try and get them for free, but it turns out that this is something that’s going on and you can see it happening in the video below.

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We’re up in Blackburn at Jaan’s BBQ Kitchen Restaurant and Grill for this one, where a guy tried to pass off that someone had dropped pubic hair onto his food in order to try and not pay for it. The guy and his buddy enquired about the Eat Out To Help Out scheme – only to be told that it wasn’t an option on a Thursday – and then proceeded to order Jaan’s Mega Platter which costs £55 and serves six people.

When it came time to settle the bill, the pair complained that there was pubic hair all over their biryani, kebabs and the naan breads in order to try and secure a discount. Unfortunately for them though, the CCTV camera actually picked up the rotter sticking his hands down in shorts and then sprinkling the pubes himself onto the meal:

Completely gross. Not really sure why these guys thought that anyone would believe that they ate most of a meal that was covered in pubes, but I guess maybe things are different up in Blackburn.

Anyway, even though the management busted them they still only paid £20 and then ran off. The footage has been turned over to the police, with the manager saying the following:

It has not been an easy time for businesses and this was shocking. If we didn’t check the camera that day then there was no way of finding out the truth.

We have always tried to help with any customer queries and go out of our way to help people. We have got great reviews from people.

Yeah, you gotta sympathise with the guy and you really have to wonder why people would ever do something like this, let alone after the shitshow of a year 2020 has been for restaurants and other businesses. Hope the assholes get caught and thrown in jail.

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