A Digger Driver Smashed Through The Front Of A Travelodge Because He Hadn’t Been Paid

Digger Carnage

Bet that felt good.

There’s nothing worse than chasing invoices when you haven’t been paid, but I doubt anyone has gone to the drastic measures shown by the guy in the video below.

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The video comes from Liverpool where a group of contractors had been doing some work on a Travelodge hotel. There was apparently a dispute over £600 in unpaid wages and this caused one of the workers to get inside a digger, drive up the steps to the reception of the hotel and totally smash up the entrance. Honestly never seen anything like this – the video is only one minute long but the carnage supposedly went on for 30 minutes. The place looks like it really was left devastated as well:

Damn. One witness – 24 year old Samuel White – said the following:

The handover was today. Everything completed, we’d put the last tile in, cleaned up and made sure everything was perfect.

Then some idiot in a mini digger decided to drive through the middle of the building.

There were loads of workers outside all gobsmacked, jaws to the floor wondering what’s going on.

The site manager was running around like a headless chicken, he wasn’t happy at all

I mean you can’t really argue with him when you hear that the guy’s an idiot and has totally screwed up the whole project and definitely caused more than £600 damage. I imagine he’ll be totally screwed after this as well considering how many witnesses there are and the fact he’s on video as well. Still, I bet it felt damn good when he was doing it – so maybe it’ll be worth the fine, criminal record and possible jail time? Maybe.

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