A Diehard LeBron James Fan Got A Huge Tattoo Of His Face On His Back

This is very weird.

Tattoos are pretty much universally accepted as being cool now, but I still don’t really get why people want to get massive ones of famous people because it’s just a bit creepy and stalkerish isn’t it? There’s no way that said person is actually going to want to meet you if you’ve inked a massive picture of their face on you is there? The whole idea seems preposterous to me.

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Anyway, as stupid as I might find it, there are people out there who are still doing it and the latest is some guy from Brazil who decided to get a huge tattoo of LeBron James’s face on his back alongside another piece of him hitting a free throw or something. It’s an impressive tattoo sure, but you’ve just gotta question how much someone has gotta love someone to get a piece like that taking up their entire back:

So weird. Here are a few of the Twitter reactions to it that pretty much replicate what my thoughts about it as well:

Yep, I gotta say I agree with all of that although I might be slightly nicer in my phrasing about it. Only slightly though because this guy is clearly a maniac.

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