You Probably Think This Is A Photograph Right? Well, It Isn’t.

Diego Fazio Featured

Seriously, I know it looks exactly like one but it isn’t.

Diego Fazio

Yeah, I know it looks exactly like a photograph but it actually isn’t. Seriously. It’s a pencil line drawing by some 22 year old Italian artist called Diego Fazio. Apparently he taught himself how to draw like this which is pretty sick right? He started out designing tattoos for people but then just moved on to drawing pictures of people that looked like they were photographs, which I guess is a pretty incredible skill to just be able to teach yourself out of nothing right, especially considering the fact he’s only 22 he had probably already managed to be pretty sick at it before he even lost his virginity. Although he probably spent a lot of time in his teenage years drawing pictures instead of chasing tail like everyone else.

Still, it looks like it paid off because well, he’s a complete sickhead at drawing now. He won the Best New Artist award in Italy in 2011 – which I guess is a pretty big deal – and has been picking up mad props all over the country and world for his art since then and it’s not hard to see why because I haven’t really ever seen anything like it ever. I don’t really know much else about him because all the information I could find about him is in Italian, but I guess if you’re in the art world keep a look out for him.

Oh, and if you don’t believe that he drew the picture with pencils here’s a couple of pictures of him as he drew the work in progress. Of course, some smartasses will probably say he just photoshopped the woman’s face and then drew in pencil over the top of it, but it looks like the real deal to me and I think Diego Fazio is a stone cold sickhead. Check it:

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Diego Fazio In Progress 1

Diego Fazio in Progress 2


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