Die Antwoord’s New Music Video Is Even More Messed Up Than You Would Expect

Banana Brain

They’re back.

Die Antwoord are well known for making some of the most weird and messed up music in existence and accompanying it with some of the weirdest and most messed up live shows and music videos in existence, but every time they release something new, they seem to top the last one.

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In the band’s new video for ‘Banana Brain’, Yolandi doses her parents with an obscene amount of sleeping pills and then hops in Ninja’s (who’s doing his best impression of Oscar Pistorius) car to head to an absolutely wild house party. Lesbian make out sessions, acid trips and gunfire all follow in the nearly seven minute long video. Get ready:

Man, shit got wild. Love the not-too-subtle criticism of Oscar Pistorius and I love that line too – “you’re so sweet like Pikachu” – do you think they knew how relevant Pokémon was going to be when they wrote it? Either way, it’s kinda funny because Pikachu is pretty cute isn’t he?

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