This Story About Ninja From Die Antwoord Meeting Kanye West Is Completely Messed Up

Die Antwoord And Kanye West

Featuring hardcore pornogrpahy and banana pudding.

It’s been well documented on this website that Kanye West is a bit of a weirdo, and it’s also common knowledge that Die Antwoord are completely crazy and screwed up so it makes sense that the two of them (well Ninja from Die Antwoord) would get together at some point. Trouble was it didn’t really seem to work out how either of them planned it.

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In the clip below, Ninja explains to his bandmate Vi$$er about their meeting, and why he was so weirded out by it that he ended up blocking Kanye’s number on his phone so he never had to speak to him again. Power moves:

Yeah, I think I would be pretty weirded out if someone invited me around to their house to record a song and then ended up showing me a video of some hardcore anal sex. I’d probably be even more weirded out about it if that person was Kanye West too.

I don’t know about you though, but I think the weirdest part of that story is when Kanye West eats the fired chicken after he’s eaten the banana pudding. I mean who the hell in the history of forever would even contemplate doing something like that? Fucking weirdo. Don’t blame Ninja for blocking his number after that.

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