Did Eastenders Show Danny Dyer’s Dick On Screen The Other Night?

Danny Dyer

It sure does look like it.

Eastenders fans were left shocked the other night when it appeared as if Danny Dyer had got his cock out in the middle of an episode. To be honest you wouldn’t put it past Danny Dyer would you?

I mean take a look at this picture, it sure looks like he’s got his dick hanging out in this scene, although it seems like it would be a deeply inappropriate time to do so:

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Of course, it wasn’t actually his dick but the ear/arm from a teddy bear he was holding. Apparently in the show Danny has been really upset lately because his youngest son Ollie is in hospital fighting for his life after he was knocked out of his high chair by his two other siblings fighting. Only in Albert Square eh?

Anyway, as he was Ryan Gosling it up, Danny was holding Ollie’s teddy bear and the director decided it was a good idea to leave a shot in where it was perfectly positioned to look like he was holding his dick and about to unleash a load in his mum’s face. Good one.

I guess we all had a laugh with it though didn’t we, kinda like when we found out that they had to stop the pipes at the Queen Vic from serving real beer because Danny Dyer kept getting pissed on set. Absolute legend.


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