Terrifying Psychopath Dressed As Satan Arrested After Intense Supermarket Rampage

Wait till you see what this guy looks like under the mask.

Does this look like the face of a guy who would dress himself up as the devil and cause absolute mayhem inside a supermarket before locking himself in the bathroom and getting arrested?

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26-year-old Michael Carter put on a red cape, red jeans and a silver mask (?) as part of his devil outfit when he entered the Kum & Go store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and went on a rampage. Kum & Go store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma? Sound ghetto as fuck to be fair.

Michael, whose face is pretty much covered in tattoos and includes the words ‘Jesus Christ’, was initially approached by staff and asked to leave the store. Instead he locked himself in the toilet and refused to leave.

He was arrested, and police found he had a toy gun hidden in his waistband.

The Broken Arrow Police Department commented:

Many people don’t believe this stuff ever happens, but it does.

Devil dude

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Took me a while to spot the ‘Jesus Christ’ tattoo but it’s definitely right there on his face if you look hard enough, hidden among the hundreds of Jewish stars and whatever other random shit he’s got going on there. Respect to the tattoo artist for working that in. Makes you wonder why Michael’s trying to hide that beautiful face under a mask after all the work he’s had done to it?

I genuinely wonder though how people like this have the money to get so many tattoos/buy Satan costumes? Surely there’s no way this guy can get a job anywhere aside from selling crack or maybe giving hand jobs in a dark alley somewhere? How the fuck does he afford to get his whole body tatted up? Boggles the mind.

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