Watch This Guy Take A Terrifying Tour Through The Detroit Hood At Night

Prostitutes Twerking

The real ghetto.

Detroit is well known as one of the most ghetto cities in America, but the actual reality of what it’s like to hang out in the hood at night might surprise you.

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Unbelievably, this whole video was shot in one entire night as some guy decided to take a tour around the Detroit hood. Pretty much everything you might expect to happen in such a place went down, including fires, twerking prostitutes, fights and a hit and run incident:

Man, that hit and run was savage. Sure we didn’t see any drug deals or anybody get shot, but you can bet that shit was going on as well. Remind me never to go anywhere near that place – why the hell are so many people hanging out on the streets late at night as well?

To be fair though, it doesn’t look like it’s got a patch on the most violent city in America.


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