Badass Detective Stops His Own Press Conference To Tackle A Suspect That Was Escaping (VIDEO)

Leading by example.

An Australian detective who was speaking at a press conference earlier today jumped into action when a man, who was allegedly sexually harassing a teenage girl, was being chased by her father.

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The detective, senior agent Daren Edwards, cut his own press conference short to instinctively run out and rugby tackle the guy to the ground.

The stuff of absolute legends:

Now THAT’s how you lead by example. At this stage of his detective career Daren Edwards could have just stood there, let someone else tackle the bad guy and got on with his speech to the Aussie media. Instead he immediately stopped what he was doing and did it himself, no problem. What, you think he cares about getting his suit dirty? Daren Edwards proved that he walks the walk and talks the talk and what a time to do it – in front of the nation’s cameras and a load of people who were already stood there hanging on his every word. Legend. 

For more brilliant tackles, get a load of the time Lewis Holtby took out referee Howard Webb. Classic.


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