This Detailed Ranking Of UK Crisps Has The Country Divided

Crisp ranking list

What’s your flavour?

Crisps have to be one of the UK’s favourite snacks – you just can’t beat them. This might be one of the key reasons that we have the highest obesity rates in Europe, but who cares when you’ve got a face full of delicious salty snacks?

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There are so many flavours and types to choose from and when it comes to favourites it’s a totally subjective opinion, which is why Twitter user Adam Higgins has caused such a stir with his recent post.

He decided to rank British crisps into the categories God tier, top tier, mid tier, low tier and sh*t tier. Take a look and see what you think:

You can see why people are divided. I personally am offended that salted pop corn made it onto the God tier, while salt and vinegar Squares are on the sh*t tier. The geezer’s off his head. Here are just some of the reactions from the British public:

Crisps is clearly a topic that people feel strongly about. Which is perhaps why this all you can eat vintage crisp café is proving so popular.


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